The studio was founded in the 80s' by engineer Giuseppe De Pascale who began his career as a freelancer. Along with this intense freelance activity, he gained a large experience being part of several kind of Public Commission, holding tasks in Comunal technical offices, being consultant for Public Administrations and playing the role of the tester directly to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. During these years, He inspired and encouraged and invested in the growth of young professionals up to the formation of a very cohesive interdisciplinary team that is now able to face and develop both themes of architecture and engineering. The engineer De Pascale has an agreement, from 2003, with the University of Salerno, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Area Teaching of Civil and Environmental Engineering, for the apprenticeship training and guidance of students.
The studio deals with the management of the project for both public and private patronage, following the completion of the work from preliminary studies to the construction site, providing the skills necessary for a complete and coordinated design and for construction management and every other aspect of relevance.

It works, among other things, on the whole national territory for the establishment of new business activities, restructuring and / or modification of outlets, taking care of all administrative / bureaucratic for both neighbourhood businesses, medium and large retail outlets.
The studio uses only licensed software, including:
- EasyWorld della Softing S.r.l.
- Edilus dell’Acca Software S.p.A.
- IperSpaceMax della SoftLab
- Autodesk building design suite
- 3D Max Design
- Adobe Photoshop
- Rhinoceros
- Primus, Certus, Certus N, Certus PN, Certus CAD, Costus, Suonus, Mantus, Privatus, Termus e Solarius dell’Acca Software S.p.A.
- Microsoft Office.