The studio may provide service and support for companies, businesses and professionals both in the design phase and as a service to construction management for both private and public works, for participation in tenders or advice in general.
Facilities: structural calculations in nonlinear, seismically isolated structures, seismic vulnerability testing, geotechnical design, maintenance plans, monitoring plans.
Graphics: 3D modelling, rendering and photo manipulation with background integration.
Saving energy and acoustics: technical report pursuant to Law 10/91 project and heating systems, certificates of qualification and certification Energy Legislative Decree 192/2005 and Presidential Decree 59/2009, Protocol ITHACA, photovoltaic and solar thermal project, practices tax deductions for restructuring , preparation of reports of compatibility acoustics in accordance with DPCM 5.12.1997.
Geology: geological relations of compatibility with respect to the Plans for the hydro geological, geological studies including in situ surveys and laboratory tests, requests and projects for authorization in respect of the Hydro geological Bond.
Fire prevention: editorial practices for fire prevention procedures, project evaluation and SCIA request, pursuant to Presidential Decree 151/2011.
Consultations: technical consultations in administrative / planning, due diligence, procedures to support project financing, contradictory with the PA, technical-administrative and functional testing.
Certification and Inspection: through S.I.C. srl, periodic and extraordinary checks to the grounding systems and to the protective equipment against atmospheric electric discharges, according to DPR 462/01, and, pursuant to Presidential Decree 162/99, for the release of product certifications CE and inspections for periodic and extraordinary verification of elevator equipment. SIC Ltd is a Third Party Inspection Body authorized by the Ministry of Economic Development and Accredia, recognized as a Certification Body NB 0900 at the European level.
SIC srl
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Only Counter for Productive Activities: preliminary investigation of practices for settlement, restructuring, expansion of business and enterprise taking care of the whole process from the instance to testing, the insignia, advertising and the issuing of commercial licenses from the neighbourhood to the large stores.
Archaeology in partnership with METAIA: certifications requests, assessments and clearances to the Soprintendenza Archeologica, drafting professional reports, studies for archaeological impact assessment, drafting document of "Preventive Archaeology" (DL 163/2006, Arts. 95-96, Ministerial Decree for Preventive Archaeology 60/2009), direction of archaeological excavations, archaeological assistance during construction, archaeological surveys, geo-archaeological coring readings.
METAIA s.c.a.r.l.
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